How to Choose an Area Rug

A complete guide to selecting a rug you’ll love.

An area rug can add texture and warmth to any room in your home. Whether you’re looking for a small, bold entryway rug or a large rug to anchor your living room furniture, you’ll find all the tips you need in this guide.


Once you’ve browsed some inspiration shots of area rugs, look to the size and shape of your room as a starting point. Would rectangular, square or round work best in your space?


Then start to think about the colours and patterns you’re drawn to. An area rug can be a perfect starting point for the rest of a room’s décor.


Living Room Rugs

9' x 12'

9' x 12'If your furniture arrangement will be entirely on the rug, leave at least 6 inches of rug around the periphery. This arrangement is best for an open-concept space or any grouping of furniture that isn’t against a wall. In large living rooms, you can use two rugs to define two separate seating areas.


8' x 10'

9' x 12'89' x 12'82


Two runners fit nicely on either side of a bed against a single wall. Choose a size that isn’t longer than the bed and is a bit wider than the nightstands. You can place the front legs of your nightstands on the rug, or leave them off entirely. If your bed is tucked into a corner, opt for a single runner on one side.